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Shanti Education Society (SES) Scholarship

The Shanti Education Society Scholarship symbolizes the promotion of academic empowerment, emphasizing the importance of excellence. This effort, which focuses on merit and is based on previous academic achievements, aims to find and support exceptional pupils. The program focuses on highlighting academic achievements, providing opportunities for success, encouraging continuous improvement, and strengthening the commitment to fostering a culture of excellence in education and a love for learning. The Shanti Education Society Scholarship serves as a catalyst in shaping the paths of talented minds, ensuring that their hard work and commitment to education are duly acknowledged and supported.

Scholarship for B.Tech- CE, BCA, BBA, MCA & MBA, except programs under SAS & FIRE

Percentage in class 12th / UG (Aggregate of best 5 subjects)Counselling 1Counselling 2Counselling 3
Between 75% to 84.99 %40%20%10%
Between 65% to 74.99 %20%10%NA
Between 60% to 64.99 %10%NANA

Scholarship for B.Arch. B.Tech. (Core Engg.), B.Des.B.Sc, BVA, BA, B.Com, M.Plan, M.Tech., M.Des., M.Sc., MVA

Percentage in class 12th / UG (Aggregate of best 5 subjects)Counselling 1Counselling 2Counselling 3
Between 70% to 79.99 %70%45%25%
Between 60% to 69.99 %50%35%20%
Between 50% to 59.99%30%20%10%

Scholarship Norms

  • Scholarship is given on tuition fee only
  • Scholarship in UG programs is calculated on aggregate marks of best 5 subjects; PCM will be preferred
  • Scholarships are awarded to 2023 & 2024 (10+2) pass out students only in UG programs
  • In PG programs, scholarship is awarded to those who have graduated in or after 2017
  • Students having compartment in 12th grade are not eligible for scholarship in UG programs, whether they have taken provisional admission
  • Students with all backlogs cleared in UG degree are eligible for scholarship in PG programs
  • One student can avail of only one scholarship at a time; once this is opted for, it cannot be changed in the same year / later years of the program
  • Shifting the category of scholarship is not possible; students will get scholarships in the same category in further years, subject to the fulfillment of eligibility criteria

Scholarship Continuation in the upcoming years

  • Scholarship is based upon SGPA of the previous year (Theory Papers only)
  • In case of any backlogs from the previous year, the scholarship would be discontinued for all the upcoming years
  • Once a scholarship is discontinued, it will never be started again in the remaining duration of the program.

Established by the Rajasthan State Legislature and approved by the University Grants Commission under Sections 2(f) and 12(B)

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