Research & Development Cell

The approach of Poornima University, Jaipur towards aiding students holistically is to integrate teaching and research intelligently. To promote innovation and foster the creation of fresh technologies, the Institution has established an R&D cell. Collaborating with national and international universities, government agencies, and businesses, the Institution aims to undertake joint academic and research initiatives, fulfilling the pressing demands of society and the corporate sector. To augment the research infrastructure, the university has adopted a targeted research policy, leveraging financial assistance from both public and private entities.

The Code of Ethics in Research is a set of general rules about how to act in an ethical way. It helps students understand the ideas of scholarly research. The principles are a set of goals and standards that should show Researchers how to act in an ethical way. They line up with the institution's goals, mission, and core beliefs. Also, the Ethics in Research refers to all members of the institution. Because of this, the principles are written in a general way so that they can be used by scholars in different fields who use different methods of research. Their specific use may depend on the situation of the Researcher.

The Research and Development cell of the institution functions based on the following objectives.

  • To make faculty more aware of research by holding talks with well-known researchers and holding national and foreign conferences, seminars, symposia, faculty development programmes, and workshops on research methodology, intellectual property rights (IPR), and patenting
  • To motivate faculty to pursue doctoral and post-doctoral assignments
  • To get faculty members to work on research projects in key areas of science and engineering, Management, Design, Architecture and Hotel Management and Public Health that are funded by national and foreign organisations
  • To discover new areas of knowledge and make sure they can be used in real life by working together and doing good study
  • To give the teachers and students a place where they can study and do research that is both creative and has the right facilities and resources
  • To establish Centers of Excellence in thrust areas
  • To set up the Incubation Centers to motivate innovations and startups
  • To adopt Collaborative Research with IIT, NIT, premier research laboratories and industries
  • To mentor the academic and industry-based research projects
  • To encourage faculty to publish the research works in renowned journals through suitable appraisal policy
  • To develop products and file IPR
  • To provide the faculty members with Seed Money for research activities in-order to enable them to obtain research projects from various government bodies

Established by the Rajasthan State Legislature and approved by the University Grants Commission under Sections 2(f) and 12(B)

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