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Overview & Hostel Leadership

Welcome to PU Hostel, an esteemed retreat where the convergence of comfort and affordability redefines one's sojourn in the heart of Jaipur. Our strategic location at Poornima University Hostel provides a distinctive advantage, affording guests proximity to key attractions, efficient public transportation, and the dynamic local ambiance of the city.

Explore the pinnacle of accommodation at PU Hostel, ranging from shared dormitories to private sanctuaries. Meticulously curated for both comfort and sophistication, our rooms offer an ideal retreat post-day of exploration. Pristinely maintained and thoughtfully appointed, they epitomize the perfect equilibrium between repose and adventure.

Engage in an experience of budget-conscious opulence as PU Hostel redefines the value of your investment. Our competently priced accommodations empower patrons to immerse in enriching experiences, partake in diverse activities, and relish local cuisine, all emblematic of the ethos of mindful travel. Our committed staff ensures a seamless and enjoyable stay, extending dedicated assistance, local insights, and travel recommendations.

Opt for PU Hostel for a memorable, budget-conscious stay that seamlessly amalgamates prime location, exceptional accommodations, budget-friendly excellence, and dedicated assistance. Your indelible Jaipur experience commences here!

Mr. Ashok Poonia

Associate Dean, Hostel & Sports

Beena Brahmbhatt

Senior Warden, Girls Hostel

Neeku Kanwar

Warden, Girls Hostel

Ramit Kumar

Senior Warden, Boys hostel-1

Murari Lal

Senoir Warden, Boys Hostel-2

Vishnu Kumar Awasthi

Warden, Boys hostel-2

Established by the Rajasthan State Legislature and approved by the University Grants Commission under Sections 2(f) and 12(B)

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