The Faculty of Public Health at Poornima University offers comprehensive programs covering epidemiology, biostatistics, healthcare management, and more. Faculty members, actively engaged in research and community outreach, mentor students, fostering critical thinking and leadership. Emphasizing interdisciplinary collaboration, the curriculum includes classroom instruction, laboratory work, and internships. The goal is to produce competent public health professionals capable of addressing complex health issues and making significant contributions to improving global health outcomes.


MPH - Master Of Public Health
Ph.D - Public Health
MPH - Master Of Public Health
Ph.D - Public Health

Faculty Highlights

  • Comprehensive Curriculum:Rigorous coursework covering core areas of public health such as epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy, environmental health, and social and behavioral sciences
  • Experienced Faculty:Dedicated faculty comprising experienced public health professionals, researchers, and practitioners
  • Practical Training:Hands-on training through internships, fieldwork, and research projects in collaboration with healthcare organizations, NGOs, and governmental agencies
  • Global Perspective:Exposure to global health issues and best practices through guest lectures, study tours, and international collaborations
  • Research Opportunities:Support for research initiatives and participation in conferences, seminars, and workshops

Faculty Gallery

Internships & Placements

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