Poornima University's Faculty of Planning and Architecture (FPA) is a distinguished institution, accredited by the COA and affiliated with ITPI. Dedicated to shaping future architects, FPA focuses on blending functionality, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability. Its pedagogical approach integrates theory with hands-on application, fostering a holistic understanding of architectural processes. Prioritizing student placements, FPA provides abundant opportunities for budding architects through engaging studios, site visits, market surveys, building documentation, and research projects. This comprehensive curriculum encourages creativity and prepares students for dynamic challenges in architectural and urban planning realms.


Bachelor of Architecture
Master of Planning (M.Plan.)
Certificate Program in GIS (Geographic information System)
Ph.D. (Planning)
Bachelor of Architecture
Master of Planning (M.Plan.)
Certificate Program in GIS (Geographic information System)
Ph.D. (Planning)

Faculty Highlights

  • Academic Recognition:
    • Ranked by Outlook among the top 7 private architecture colleges in India
  • Program Offerings:
    • Offers Bachelors of Architecture (B.Arch) approved by Council of Architecture (CoA)
    • Provides Masters of Planning (M.Plan.) in affiliation with Indian Institute of Town Planners, India (ITPI)
  • Significant Events:
    • Hosted the annual architectural event NASA in 2017 with an audience of 5000+
    • Hosted Zonal NASA thrice in 2013, 2019, and 2023, reaching a combined audience of 5000+
  • Placement Opportunities:
    • Offers on-campus placements with organizations like Pinnacle InfoTech, Make my House, Geetanjali Infrastructures, Veritas Architects, Atlier Aesthetes, SMEC
  • Professional Memberships:
    • Offers institutional and student memberships with professional organizations like Indian Institute of Architects (IIA), Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID), Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), Fire & Safety Association of India (FSAI), and Indian Plumbing Association (IPA)

Faculty Gallery

Internships & Placements

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