Program Overview

Forge a distinctive career path with an MBA specializing in Digital Marketing and Business analytics. Immerse yourself in the realms of data-driven marketing, SEO, and social media strategies while concurrently honing the art of human resource leadership. This program uniquely equips you to orchestrate seamless digital campaigns and cultivate a motivated workforce. Navigate the intricacies of the digital era with finesse, armed with a strategic blend of technological prowess and human-centric management skills. Your journey towards becoming a multifaceted business leader begins here.

Duration - 2 Years Program


Pass with minimum 50% (45% for ST/SC/OBC/SBC) in Three years Bachelor’s Degree (10+2+3) from a recognized University or equivalent.

Annual Program Fee

Fee HeadIndian (INR)International (USD)
Development Fee 30625/- 2500/-
Tuition Fee 91875/-
Administrative Fee 17500/-
Annual Program Fee 175000/-
  • INR 5000/- Caution Money (One Time - Refundable)
  • INR 1500/- Alumni and Convocation fees will be adjusted from the Caution Money at the time of awarding the degree
  • Indian Fee will be applicable for students of Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri lanka

Fee Refund Policy (Only for Indian Students)

If application of withdrawal Received Deduction to be made
Before 15 Days of Commencement of ClassesINR 5000
Between (Before or After) 15 days of Commencement of Classes10% of Annual Fees (Tuition + Development + Admin)
More than 15 days but less than 30 days after Commencement of Classes20% of Annual Fees (Tuition + Development + Admin)
After 30 days of the date of commencement of classesNo Refund

Key Notes:

  • Class Start Date: Tentatively scheduled for July or August 2024
  • Cancellation Deduction: A minimum deduction of INR 5000 will be applied
  • Refund Duration: The refund process will take up to 45 working days
  • Late Admissions: If admission occurs after class commencement, the same refund rules apply
  • Fee Consideration: Cancellation charges are applicable to the entire program fee and are not calculated based on the fee after deducting any scholarship amount
  • Payment Issues: In case of cheque bounce or payment decline (due to student reasons), a fee of INR 500 is incurred by the student
  • Caution Money: Refunded upon program completion

Scholarships & Eligibility (Only for Indian Students)

Shanti Education Society Scholarship
Percentage in UG Counselling 1 Counselling 2 Counselling 3
Between 75% to 84.99 %40%20%10%
Between 65% to 74.99 %20%10%NA
Between 60% to 64.99 %10%NANA

Key Notes:

Scholarship Award and Criteria:

  • The scholarship is bestowed based on the tuition fee
  • Evaluation encompasses the aggregate scores of all graduation years
  • Scholarships are granted to individuals who have graduated in or after 2017

Eligibility and Restrictions:

  • Students with all backlogs cleared in their undergraduate degree are eligible for scholarships in postgraduate programs
  • Each student is eligible to receive only one scholarship at a time
  • No alterations to the scholarship category are permitted during the same or subsequent years of the program
  • Changing the type or category of the scholarship is not possible

Scholarship Continuation Criteria:

  • Continuation is based on the SGPA of the previous year (Theory Papers Only)
  • Backlogs in the previous year lead to scholarship discontinuation for all upcoming years
  • Once discontinued, a scholarship will not be reinstated during the remaining duration of the program

Poornima University Presidents' Scholarship

Scholarship Category Scholarship
Spouse/ Sibling Of Student/ Alumni Of Poornima & JIET Group (Jodhpur) 25%
Alumni Of Poornima & JIET Group (Jodhpur) 25%
Spouse/ Children Of Faculty & Staff Of Poornima, JIET Group & Medipulse Hospital (Jodhpur) 50%
Children Of Defence Personnel and Working Defence Personnels 50%
Children Of Martyrs & Gallantry Award Winners (Posthumously) 100%
Poornima University Gramin Shiksha Yojna 100%

Key Notes:

Award of Scholarship :

  • Awarded on tuition fee only (Except Poornima University Gramin Shiksha Yojna)
  • Awarded to all eligible students for admission and throughout the entire program duration

Poornima University Gramin Shiksha Yojna:

  • Scholarship covers tuition and development fees
  • Adopted Gram Panchayats: Beelwa, Ashawala, Vidhani, Bari ka Bas, Shree Ram Ki Nangal, and Chandlai
  • Maximum 5 students from each village based on the merit list
  • Minimum 60% marks in 12th/ UG is required.
  • Schooling must be from the same village

Scholarship Continuity:

  • The type of scholarship or category cannot be changed in the future
  • Students receive the same scholarship type in future years, meeting the requirements

Scholarship for Children of Defence Personnel and Working Defence Personnel:

  • Applicable to wards of Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force personnel
  • Open to those who have served or are currently serving in the defence forces

Scholarship for Children of Martyrs & Gallantry Award Winners (Posthumously):

  • Awarded to the ward of a martyr who served in the defence
  • Includes Gallantry Awards: Param Vir Chakra, Mahavir Chakra, Vir Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Kirti Chakra, and Shaurya Chakra

Sports Scholarship

Organized under the aegis Category Scholarship
Sports federation or any sports association or Association of Indian Universities or MHRD or UGC of India or AbroadRepresented India in any championship at International Level competition100%
Sports federation or any sports association or Association of Indian Universities or MHRD or UGC of India or AbroadAmong the first three position in National level competition100%
Sports federation or any sports association or Association of Indian Universities or MHRD or UGC of India or AbroadRepresented State in any championship at National Level competition80%
State Sports Championship / School Boards TournamentsAmong the first three positions in state level competition80%
State Sports Championship / School Boards TournamentsRepresented District in any championship at State Level competition60%
District Sport championship / Tournaments at District LevelAmong the first three positions in district level competition40%
District Sport championship / Tournaments at District LevelRepresented town in any championship at district level competition20%

Key Notes:

  • Scholarship is given on tuition fee only
  • For sports Scholarship Certificate dated on or after 1 January 2021 will be considered
  • To avail sports scholarship the students have to undergo a trial of related sport at Poornima University campus under supervision of Office of Associate Dean, Hostel and Sports (2nd Saturday of June, July & August month)
  • A Student is eligible to avail sports scholarship only if selected in trials at Poornima University
  • Certificate required from recognized sports Federation /Associations/ SGFI (School games federation of India)
  • Recognition of Sports federation/association etc. will be at the sole discretion of the scholarship selection committee of Poornima University for the academic session
  • Valid supporting documents are required to submit to avail this Scholarship

Scholarship Continuation in next years :

  • The scholarship will be calculated on basis of certification achieved in similar sport in previous year
  • Students need to maintain the regular training regime in the University Campus
  • If a student is found irregular in the training sessions of the respective sport (minimum 70% attendance required), in that case the scholarship will be discontinued

Career Opportunities

Program Manager
Web Developer
Data Analyst
Brand Manager
Content Management
Media Manager
Online Marketing
Quantitative Analyst
Automation Expert
Social Media
Digital Marketing
SEO Specialist
Content Marketer
Email Marketer
Search Engine Optimization
Marketing Analyst
UX Designer
Business Analyst

Established by the Rajasthan State Legislature and approved by the University Grants Commission under Sections 2(f) and 12(B)

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