Program Overview

The MBA in Sustainability and Entrepreneurship merges environmental responsibility with innovative business acumen. This program delves into sustainable business models, green entrepreneurship, and social impact strategies. Through real-world case studies and strategic planning, students explore ways to integrate sustainability into entrepreneurial ventures. Graduates emerge as visionary leaders, equipped to drive businesses towards profitability while addressing global challenges. They champion sustainable practices, spearheading ventures that prioritize both economic viability and environmental stewardship.

Duration - 2 Years Program


UG completed with 55% & above along with written test and interview

Annual Program Fee

Fee HeadIndian (INR)International (USD)
Development Fee 50625/- 2500/-
Tuition Fee 151875/-
Administrative Fee 20000/-
Annual Program Fee 225000/-
  • INR 5000/- Caution Money (One Time - Refundable)
  • INR 1500/- Alumni and Convocation fees will be adjusted from the Caution Money at the time of awarding the degree
  • Indian Fee will be applicable for students of Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri lanka

Fee Refund Policy (Only for Indian Students)

If application of withdrawal Received Deduction to be made
Before 15 Days of Commencement of ClassesINR 5000
Between (Before or After) 15 days of Commencement of Classes10% of Annual Fees (Tuition + Development + Admin)
More than 15 days but less than 30 days after Commencement of Classes20% of Annual Fees (Tuition + Development + Admin)
After 30 days of the date of commencement of classesNo Refund

Key Notes:

  • Class Start Date: Tentatively scheduled for July or August 2024
  • Cancellation Deduction: A minimum deduction of INR 5000 will be applied
  • Refund Duration: The refund process will take up to 45 working days
  • Late Admissions: If admission occurs after class commencement, the same refund rules apply
  • Fee Consideration: Cancellation charges are applicable to the entire program fee and are not calculated based on the fee after deducting any scholarship amount
  • Payment Issues: In case of cheque bounce or payment decline (due to student reasons), a fee of INR 500 is incurred by the student
  • Caution Money: Refunded upon program completion

Scholarships & Eligibility (Only for Indian Students)

Percentage in UG Criteria Scholarship
>=80%First 100 Admission Only30%
>=80%EWS Candidates based on merit at the discretion of the academic board, subject to submission of merit & financial documentsUpto 30%

Career Opportunities

Sustainable Business Management
Entrepreneurship and Startups
Green Finance and Investment
Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Sustainability Consulting
Renewable Energy and Clean Technology
Green Marketing and Branding
Social Impact Consulting
Policy and Advocacy
Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Hospitality
Education and Training

Established by the Rajasthan State Legislature and approved by the University Grants Commission under Sections 2(f) and 12(B)

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