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To create architects of global competence through innovating, creating, acquiring and disseminating knowledge using sustainable local and global practices to accomplish the professional and social responsibility of serving the society


  • To provide multi-disciplinary, innovative knowledge, encouraging research and collaboration with top ranking Institutes
  • To provide state of the art infrastructure and facilities for students to achieve creative and contextual design solutions for the betterment of individuals and society
  • To acquire, best resources from academia as well as the design & construction industry
  • To instigate curiosity and develop cognitive learning abilities to create environmentally responsible professionals rooted in the cultural values to serve the society

Learning Outcomes

Program Outcomes (POs):

PO1 Architectural and Urban Planning Knowledge:  Demonstrate the knowledge of fundamentals of architecture, design & planning principles, theory of design, planning theories, architectural drawings, building science and building structures to the solution of complex design problems

PO2 Construction & planning techniques and materials:  Identify, review, evaluate and illustrate the details of various constructions, its details & techniques available using the plethora of construction materials available

PO3 Infrastructure & Building Services: Utilize the various building services like power systems, rainwater harvesting systems, water supply distribution, HVAC, vertical transportation, building automation systems, fire extinguishing systems, building acoustic systems, illumination, mechanical systems along with the fundamentals in the conception as well as completion of design projects

PO4 Architectural & Planning tools & software’s: Identify the latest rendering, visual effects, graphic design, presentation tools, 3-d Printer and mediums along with the latest computer softwares such as Auto-Cad, Revit, Sketch up, 3D’s Max, Lumion, ArcGIS, Corel Draw, Photoshop & other supporting tools for the visualization and actual realization of design projects

PO5 Design Thinking, solutions & Creative Problem Solving: To demonstrate creative problem solving skills including design thinking, critical assessment and developing user centric, innovative design and planning solutions

PO6 Professional & communication Skills: To comprehend design & write effective reports & documentations; give and receive clear instructions; demonstrate effective and convincing communication and presentation skills on architectural issues with architecture fraternity for the interest of society at large

PO7 Project & Finance management: To demonstrate the understanding of HR, Finance, contract and construction management for the profession individually as well as a team member

PO8 Entrepreneurship and Employability: After completion of this program the students will be conscious of the professional as well as managerial activities of architectural practices shall be able to undertake projects with appropriate management control and control on cost & time & perform standard proficiencies, in harmony with the scope of local practice of architecture in particular 

PO9 Individual & Team work: Demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills to work effectively in as an individual, as a member or as a team leader of a multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary team setting

PO10 Environment & Sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional design & planning solutions catering to the societal, cultural and environmental context and contribute to sustainable development

PO11 Receptiveness and lifelong learning: Be competent and receptive to new ideas, knowledge and infusing a sense of scientific research in the architectural works undertaken. Recognize the need for continuous learning and upgrade their architectural knowledge and the technical competencies

PO12 Professional Ethics: Be committed to professional ethics, responsibilities, and economic, environmental, societal and political norms

Program Educational Objectives

PEO1 Core Competence: The program encourages the graduates to be curious, observant and analytical so as to be a lifelong learner and enhance architectural technical competency, field up gradation, innovation and research along with interpersonal skill development

PEO2 Cognitive Intelligence: The graduates will be imbibed with professional ethics, integrity, team work, transparency, and empathy so as to excel at their profession to fulfil the aspirations of individuals, society, the country and our environment

PEO3 Professional Competence: An environmentally and socially responsible professional, who is able to publicize, market his services along with competitive presentation and communication skills to create entrepreneurs be able to have optimum solutions in terms of human centered design

Program Specific Outcomes

PSO1 Architectural development: Apply the knowledge of relevant building bye laws and fundamental architectural design components to design the built environment

PSO2 Career Skills: Demonstrate leadership and professional skills in handling clients, various consultants and on site requirements during the construction of projects

PSO3 Architectural software & tools; Utilize and upgrade the technical as well as software advancements and innovative techniques for design development & implementation

PSO4 Professional & Social Responsibility: To orient students for being committed to professional ethics, responsibilities, and economic, environmental, societal, and political norms

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