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To create knowledge based society with scientific temper, team spirit and dignity of labor to face global competitive challenges.


  • To evolve and develop skill based systems for effective delivery of knowledge so as to equip young professionals with dedication and commitment to excellence in all spheres of life
  • To provide Quality Education through Faculty development, updating of facilities and continual improvement meeting University norms and keeping stakeholders satisfied

Learning Outcomes

Program Outcomes (POs):

PO1:Analyze, design & develop unique and creative ideas through various techniques including sketching, storyboards and animatics.

PO2:Choose appropriate computing tools, skills and techniques necessary for developing creative concepts for Animation Technology.

PO3:Solve formal, conceptual, and communication problems through the process of self-directed trial, error, and refinement.

PO4:Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.

PO5:Build a strong foundation in all aspects of design and production for storytelling in motion.

PO6: Develop a professional commitment to their field, their work, and themselves; preparing them to be members and leaders in their profession, as well as learning how to act both as individuals and as team members to support the whole.

PO7:Demonstrate an attitude of openness so that they seek new and unusual opportunities to learn and create.

PO8:Express ideas in a coherent, logical and compelling way in writing and the spoken word.

PO9:Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the computing and management principles and communicate efficiently with the team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.

PO10:Recognize the need, and have the ability, to engage in independent learning for continual development as a creative professional.

PO11: Identify a timely opportunity and use innovation to pursue that opportunity to create value and wealth for the betterment of the individual and society at large.

Program Educational Objectives

PEO1: Demonstrate competency across business disciplines, specifically apply the essential elements of core business principles to analyze and evaluate problems and to construct and implement solutions in the business environment

PEO2: Perform teamwork and leadership skills in the evaluation of organizational conditions using a system perspective to determine necessary action.

PEO3: Practice high level of professionalism necessary to deliver the knowledge, expertise and skill of students through the application of research to business problems and issues.

PEO4: Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of ethical principles at both the professional and community levels.

PEO5: Apply critical reasoning process to specifically employ appropriate analytical models to evaluate evidence, select among alternatives, and generate creative options in furtherance of effective decision making.

PEO6: Develop superior oral and written communication skills relevant to business process effective communication skills, specifically write business documents clearly, and analytically and speak in groups and in public clearly, concisely and analytically, with appropriate use of visual aids.

Program Specific Outcomes

PSO1:After Course Completion, the students will be equipped with imaginative and specialized aptitudes in different areas of Game Design,AR/VR, 2D/3D animation & VFX. This will empower them to establish globally, work for societal causes, pursue research and be entrepreneurs in their endeavours’.

PSO2:Achieve professionalism, expertise presentations, demonstrate proficiency in hand skills, practice digital technology, adorn global role play and follow standards of Game Design, AR/VR, Animation & VFX.

PSO3:Graduates will be prepared to acquire a range of general skills pertaining to animation, to solve problems, to evaluate information, to use tools and technology productively, to communicate with society effectively and learn independently.

PSO4:Graduates will procure work productively in various fields such as Art, Design, Entertainment industry, Media, Medical at National and International platform.

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