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Poornima University

Alumni Society


At Poornima University, we take pride in the lasting impact and accomplishments of our distinguished alumni, which serve as a tribute to our triumph and unwavering determination. Our former student has played a crucial role in the enlightenment and strengthening of Poornima, serving as a source of support via their exceptional accomplishments. They are dedicated advocates and generous benefactors who act as genuine ambassadors, bridging generations by providing steadfast support and direction to their younger counterparts.

The Alumni Association functions as a conduit, uniting tenuous relationships and establishing fresh connections through its devoted alumni division. By establishing these linkages, Poornima University has achieved fame and significance on a global scale. The Alumni Association has constantly demonstrated its dedication to cultivating a feeling of camaraderie and common objective.

At Poornima, we are not only building upon a significant past characterized by foresight, enthusiasm, and bravery; we are also progressing into the future with the aspiration of collectively creating a substantial impact. Participate in commemorating the lasting impact made by our former students, whose contributions persistently influence and establish the character of Poornima University. Collectively, we commence a voyage towards scholarly superiority, led by the unconquerable determination and unified perspective of our esteemed graduates.


Established by the Rajasthan State Legislature and approved by the University Grants Commission under Sections 2(f) and 12(B)

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