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Hostel life at Poornima University offers a wide range of unique pleasures that are different from the comforts of home. The university provides a dynamic residential experience by offering distinct accommodations for male and female students. Every hostel offers roomy and partially equipped accommodations, providing a delightful living atmosphere for students. These hostels are equipped with important amenities such as Wi-Fi, telephones, a gymnasium, water purifiers, water coolers, and facilities for both indoor and outdoor games. The purpose of these amenities is to improve the general well-being of the inhabitants.

Furthermore, the hostels provide students with home-like dining services, ensuring the provision of fresh and nourishing meals. The objective is to provide more than just lodging, but rather a favorable educational setting that encourages a sense of camaraderie. Students forge strong interpersonal connections, resembling a familial unit, throughout their time in the hostel, fostering a unique camaraderie that transcends the boundaries of academia.

The distinctive residential experience fosters the personal development of students, cultivating attributes such as accountability, autonomy, and self-sufficiency. The hostel life at Poornima University Hostel encompasses more than just providing lodging. It is a comprehensive experience that fosters social connections and develops crucial life skills, making it an essential component of the academic journey.

Hostel Amenities:
  • Common rooms with TV
  • Separate gym for Girls and Boys
  • Indoor & Outdoor Games
  • 24*7 Power Back Up
  • Wi-Fi Facility
  • Medical Facility
  • Pantry
  • Amphitheatre
  • Regular Shuttle Service
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Departmental and Stationary Stores
  • Parking Space
  • Power Back Up
  • Firefighting Equipment

For any Queries or complaint please contact:

For Boys Hostel:
Email Id: [email protected]
Mobile No.: 9001893264

For Girls Hostel:
Email Id:[email protected]
Mobile No.: 9001893270

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