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To attain academic excellence in dissemination of scientific and humanities knowledge through value-based education, innovation and research that enables students to face global scientific and societal challenges.


  • To foster the students with innovation, problem solving skills, leadership, professional qualities and team spirit
  • To sharpen and modulate the soft skills, scientific and mathematical concepts to acquire competence and excellence in creating scientific solutions to problems in global world
  • To encourage value-based education, research and publication

Learning Outcomes

Program Outcomes (POs):

PO1: The students acquire knowledge in the field of social sciences, literature and humanities which make them sensitive and sensible enough.

PO2: The B.A. graduates will be acquainted with the social, economic, historical, geographical, political, ideological and philosophical tradition and thinking.

PO3: The program also empowers the graduates to appear for various competitive examinations or choose the post graduate programme of their choice.

PO4: The B.A program enables the students to acquire the knowledge with human values framing the base to deal with various problems in life with courage and humanity.

PO5: The students will be ignited enough to think and act over the solution of various issues prevalent in human life to make this world better than ever.

PO6: Programme provides the base to be a responsible citizen.

PO7: Advanced ideological content and Research based knowledge methods in problem solving and synthesising the information with valid conclusions.

Program Educational Objectives

PEO1: To facilitate sound foundational knowledge through aesthetic and futuristic educational practices and make students ready to apply knowledge, information, and research skills to complex problems in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities.

PEO2: To nurture entrepreneurial bent of mind, leadership and organizational skills, and ability to coordinate and work in teams, while developing a sense of social responsibility and preparing them for the job market.

PEO3: Graduates will be able to exhibit their skills in Literature and diverse literary works and analyze the social and academic aspects of History, Political Science, Psychology, Geography, Sociology, Economics, and other Courses.

Program Specific Outcomes

PSO1 Literary Acumen: Through exposure to great literature, students should be able to discern the distinguishing features of good writing and be able to differentiate between it and inferior work. The primary objective is to help students understand important literature of the past and contemporary cultures and to equip them to find connections and continuities as well as identify disjuncture in these traditions.

PSO2 Cultural Integration: Students of the undergraduate course will be aware of the importance of the coexistence of different cultural perspectives and be tolerant to views different from their own. The course seeks to enable students to use their study of literature to initiate cultural, ethical, and global awareness.

PSO3 Academic Writing: The students will be able to develop an argument in writing, state facts clearly and cogently, and arrive at a clear conclusion using appropriate vocabulary and syntactic structures. The students will learn to read, analyze, and interpret works of literature, to acquaint them with the forms, structures, and aesthetics of style and techniques of literary works. Skills of interpretation, analysis, appreciation of literature as well as writing and presentation skills that would eventually help in careers like journalism and media, publishing, research, and teaching will be inculcated in the students.

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