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To produce globally competitive and socially sensitive professionals in the areas of management and commerce by imparting value-based education, research and innovative pedagogy to lead economic and social development of the society.


  • Disseminating knowledge of management through a portfolio of educational programs and publications
  • Promote a culture of academic excellence benchmarked against the best institutions in its peer group
  • Continuously develop the curriculum to match international standards along with its content
  • Provide student – centric learning environment through high quality teaching and innovative pedagogy
  • Establishing a transparent, scientific and impartial examination / evaluation system to ensure a fair certification process
  • Implement the Outcome Based Education starting from designing the syllabus to delivery of the content to attainment
  • Promote industry – institute partnerships for academic & research collaboration and share knowledge for innovation and development
  • Organize various National / International Seminars / Workshops / Management Games/ Quizzes / Conferences by partnering with various corporate stalwarts and faculties from various elite academic institutes in order to abreast on latest management trends and develop the corporate culture & habits among the students
  • Organize various sessions, seminars in order to promote entrepreneurial ideas among the students
  • Promote disciplined and ethical environment among all the stakeholders

Learning Outcomes

Program Outcomes (POs):

PO1: Able to understand the critical aspects of accounting, finance and business management

PO2: Integrate the functional areas such as marketing, finance, HR, supply - chain to achieve organizational objectives

PO3: Prepare and analyse various financial reports to solve the business problems

PO4: Interpret and apply managerial tools, concepts, techniques with leadership skills to lead the teams to achieve the organizational goals.

PO5: Develop entrepreneurial skill to get motivated towards start-ups

PO6:Evaluate the dynamic business environment and apply the strategy to overcome the challenges

PO7:Enhance the writing and listening skills to enable the students for proficient communication

Program Educational Objectives

PEO1: Students would gain a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of accounting, finance and business management.

PEO2: The program would equip the students to face contemporary challenges in the field.

PEO3: The program seeks to prepare students for higher education in business at home and abroad and to meet competitive exams.

PEO4: The program ensures that the students are groomed into up-to-date, assertive and effective business executives at entry level with strong leadership skills and social consciousness.

PEO5: The program aims to create an entrepreneurial mind-set to up their own venture.

Program Specific Outcomes

PSO1: Understand the concepts of banking and financial markets and its operations

PSO2: Apply the necessary knowledge of the Indian banking system and financial markets to support the business decisions.

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