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Focus on

International Exposure


At Poornima University, our commitment to excellence extends globally, as we prioritise providing students with extensive international exposure to enrich their educational journey. Through our Semester Abroad Program, students have the opportunity to study in foreign institutions, fostering cultural exchange and academic growth. Various student mobility programs, immersion initiatives, and short articulation programs further facilitate global engagement, broadening horizons and enhancing the overall learning experience. Our commitment is reinforced by regular guest lectures and industry speakers from international universities and companies, contributing to a dynamic learning environment.

Poornima University actively promotes volunteer and internship opportunities abroad, often in collaboration with esteemed organisations such as AIESEC. Our partnerships with international universities extend beyond student exchanges to joint research events, fostering academic collaboration and innovation. We facilitate youth dialogue, symposiums, and collaborations with organisations like the United Nations, encouraging students to participate in global conversations and address pressing global issues. Comprehensive support for international admissions, including assistance with exams such as IELTS and TOEFL, ensures a seamless transition for those pursuing further studies overseas. In essence, Poornima University's commitment to international exposure is manifested through a diverse array of programs, partnerships, and support mechanisms, preparing students for a globally connected future.


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