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Provision Store

The provision store at Poornima University serves as a crucial center that meets the varied requirements of its student community. Situated conveniently on campus, it guarantees that students have effortless access to a diverse range of necessities. The store is abundantly supplied with groceries, stationery, snacks, and personal care items, catering to the daily needs of students. The provision store exemplifies the university's dedication to improving student life by offering a convenient and effortless answer to their everyday needs. The strategic location and extensive range of services provided contribute to a smooth university experience, enabling students to concentrate on their academic pursuits and personal development without concerns about logistical matters. The provision store at Poornima University plays a crucial role in the campus ecology, fostering convenience, community, and the overall welfare of its students.

Established by the Rajasthan State Legislature and approved by the University Grants Commission under Sections 2(f) and 12(B)

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